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About the Workshops

These lifestyle education classes are held in an environment intended to facilitate critical thinking and discussion about the uses, power, motives, risks, and rewards associated with different types of lifestyle scenarios and scenes that can take place in the kink world. This means that the participation of those who attend the workshops are invaluable to the knowledge that you will attain as the participant. No workshop is presented the same way twice, as the classes is moulded around the experiences, motives, desires, and prejudices of not just the facilitator, but also the participants who listen, speak, discuss, debate – even argue with one another.

While politics can and do play a large role in the topic themes at hand, it is preferred that they are left out of the workshop(s) unless they have complete pertinence to the discussion(s) due to the complexity of politics and the ever-changing nature of these politics depending on both the experiences and opinions of the individual, the mission statement of the kink community in which one resides, and the social values and mores associated and varying across regions spanning communities, provinces/states, countries, or continents.

Edge play, in particular, is generally considered to be a form of play with a significantly higher risk in comparison to standard BDSM play found at public events, and is typically not permitted at such events due to liability (i.e., insurance, legal) concerns. That being said, there are risks associated with these form of play; therefore, it is important that one enters such scenes with mindfulness, awareness, integrity, and above all, consent.

The workshops that I present and facilitate are not built to be a “be-all, end-all” discussion, as many of these topics are vast in breadth and depth, and 2-3 hours is not enough time to speak about everything that encompasses the topics being discussed. You will not leave these class an expert on everything. You will, however, leave these workshops with a deeper understanding of your own perceptions of these particular kink, based on the knowledge, perceptions, experiences, and questions of everyone who participates with you.

These classes are not primarily safety discussions, nor are they primarily about do’s and don’t’s associated with protocol, discipline, scenes, or play. However, these can and likely will be called into discussion during class(es).

Education Workshop Information

All workshops are 3.5-4 hours in length, and cover a number of topics ranging from scene-related themes to D/s, to psychology and protocol. There is a suggested donation of $20 that can be paid through e-transfer, PayPal, or at the door. 

It is mandatory that all participants RSVP to each class they decide to attend, regardless of previous attendance at workshops. There are a limited number of seats available for each class. A wait list is also available for those who wish to attend but RSVP a bit too late. Depending on demand, second classes are often provided depending on Domina Katonika’s availability.

People who invite a newcomer to attend an event will receive $5 off the price of two workshops, dropping the rate from $40 to $35.

Individuals who book 3 classes over a 12-month period will be able to attend a fourth class free of charge

For people who suffer from financial strain, I sometimes allow trade in exchange for attendance. This must be discussed privately. Please contact me with any questions.

Scene-based Workshops

Mastering Two-Handed Florentine Flogging

Join Domina Katonika and enhance your flogging skills! Two-handed flogging is both useful and versatile. Once you are proficient, two-handed flogging can transfer readily into two-handed whipping, and can even help you deepen your spanking skills.

A patient instructor, Domina Katonika will start from the beginning, first working with the fundamentals in the makings of a flogger, how they work, and the various ways to use them for maximum sensory stimulation. Dexterity will be improved with each hand in one-handed flogging, working particularly with the non-dominant hand in order to increase accuracy in targeting.

Two-handed flogging is gradually introduced as comfort level increases, first starting with the rudiments in using both hands at the same time and progressing forward. You will leave the workshop a much more confident wielder of the flogger(s), with a greater knowledge of how the brain works both for and against you as you discover your gift for both two-beat and florentine (three-beat) flogging. Different kinds of music will be available to help facilitate the brain’s analytical skills in dissecting the timing for movement, and transitioning between two-beat and three-beat styles in short spaces of time for intensity and effect.

Safety and cleaning will be included as a small component of this workshop; however, it is assumed that you already know the importance of equipment sanitation.

Spanking for Evil Gits: Dialling it to 11

Are you a lover of spanking? Do you wish to improve your skills? Have you ever spanked rhythmically, but wish that it was more dynamic in its flow and intensity?

Join Domina Katonika in a fully interactive workshop, where rhythm, speed, and intensity are all examined and used in varying degrees. You will learn not just how to manage your hands blow by blow, but you will also discover how to sustain prolonged and intensive spanking without losing any of your vigour. Spanking, after all, can be exhausting if you have intensity but no moderation or variation (but don’t tell your bottom that!).

Each Top will need to bring a bottom to participate in this event. The only supplies you need are a willing bum (and perhaps some breasts or some genitals for some added amusement) and two hands.

D/s Workshops

Coffee and Tea Preparation and Service

Coffee and Tea service is an integral part of protocol and service, particularly because the serving of hot beverages to one’s Master or Mistress is an intimate set of behaviours and rituals that varies from individual to individual.

This workshop presents some aspects of coffee and tea preparation that aren’t often known, much less talked about. Such factors include:
– History of tea service
– Significance of beverage service
– Knowledge of teas and how to serve properly
– The variation of service between one Dominant,
a duo, a trio, or even a group of Dominant people
– The internal constructs of the submissive in beverage service
– The internal constructs of the Dominant in beverage service
– The role of script and the intrusion of entitlement in service

The list goes on. 

This workshop is 3.5-4 hours in length depending on the breadth of content covered. The first half is dedicated to the history of beverage service, and the importance of execution in a successful service. The second half is dedicated to the execution of service from the bottom, and the reception of service from the Top, including a brief discussion of the affective factors that come into play during a genuine (i.e., not role-played) service. Service will be demonstrated as a one-on-one, continued with a pair of Dominants and one submissive, and wrapped up with each Top and bottom experiencing real-time service.

Edge-Play Workshop Series

Breath Play: The Ifs, Ands, and Buts

This workshop is 3-4 hours, and is comprised of a facilitated discussion on the complexity of breath play — from the very definition of breath play to its execution.

The entire physical intent of breath play is to restrict or block off, in partial or in entirety – oxygen to the human body. Nearly anything used for the purposes of bondage can be applied to breath play.

This can include:

– Bags (plastic bags, vaccuum bags)
– Saran wrap, Pallet wrap
– Hoods (latex, leather, gas masks, spandex, swim caps)
– Drugs (amyl nitrate, butyl nitrate, et al.)
– Hands
– Smothering devices (pillows, cushions)

Therefore, as one entering into a breath play scene, one must consider the following:

– Is breath play “black-and-white”? If not, what are some of the gradients?
– What to expect from your partner, regardless of your experiences or theirs
– The unique experiences that stem from different types of breath play (and which of those you wish to try)
– Your motives
– The scenario (public event or private party, etc.)
– The extent and necessity of trust
– The element of risk in edgy behaviour
– How fantasy can become nightmare
– Partner engagement vs. solo play
– Affective state and influence

CBT 101

CBT (i.e., cock and ball torture) is an effective torment for men the world over. Given the variations and types of torture Tops can use on their bottoms, it is important to distinguish the importance of the  physical, the mental, and the spiritual, in our place with our bottoms. This includes awareness of ones’ mental state, administration, risk assessment, safety precautions, and more. Remember, we don’t want to HARM our toys, we simply want to hurt them. Hurt and harm are not equal terms that should be used interchangeably.

Some of the topics that are covered in this workshop include:

– The boundaries of consent
– When to draw the line on a scene
– Preparing to execute a scene
– Tools of the trade
– The spiritual connection
– How to clean up your mess
– Accidental harm
— and more…

Bastinado and Hand Spanking

Join Domina Katonika in exploring the delicate and tortuous arts of hand and foot torture. Bring your bottom/pet/submissive/slave/switch and see what kind of sounds you can make! 

Some of the following topics will be included:

– Warm-up/cool down
– Sensitive parts of the feet and hands
– How to handle the ticklish sort
– Falaka and foot-tying techniques
– Different sensations using various stimuli
– How to build up (figuratively) without breaking (literally)

This is a fully interactive, 2-hour intensive workshop.
Instruments will be provided for experimentation; however, it is widely encouraged that you bring your own devices.

Advocacy Workshops

Sex Workers’ Rights as : How to be an Effective Ally

At present, sex work is increasingly being recognized as legitimate work. High-profile international organizations such as Amnesty International and the World Health Organization have called for the decriminalization of sex work. At the local level, sex workers and sex work non-profit organizations have noticed an upswing of well-meaning support, particularly on social media by allied individuals; however, misleading information, language conflation, and a general lack of understanding can threaten or ultimately discredit what was intended to be positive and supportive action.

This facilitated talk will discuss not only what it means to be an ally to sex workers and their [consensual] work, but also will lay out some key elements of how individuals can be more effective when discussing sex work, and how supporters of sex workers can help in creating platforms for sex workers’ voices to be amplified.