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Pro-Dom Menu and Specialities

While my areas of interest are diverse and expansive, what you see is not all you can get. If you have a particular fantasy, situation, or scenario that you would like to carry out with me, contact me directly and tell me about it. Authenticity is a huge turn-on for me, and a respectful request can go a long way. 

Standard Menu
(included in any given session)

  • Full Body Inspections

  • Flogging/Whipping

  • Spanking/OTK

  • Corporal Punishment

  • Bastinado

  • Hand Spankings

  • CBT (Cock and Ball Torture)

  • Roleplay and Scenarios

  • Predicament Bondage

  • Crossdressing/Feminization

  • Anal Training (digital, toys)

Extras Menu
(mandatory tip required – $80 for first item, $50 for each additional item)

  • Strap-On Play

  • WaterSports

  • Needle Play

  • Decorative Cutting

  • Duos

  • Couples

  • Massage

  • Cuckold Scenarios***

***Cuckold scenarios is a special case. I will only perform scenarios in which the man is the cuck, and I engage with another woman. Cuckold scenes do not fall into the extras sphere; I provide direct quotes depending on the depth and detail of the fantasy, as well as the time desired for the scene. While the man may play many roles in this particular scene, he relinquishes any right to physical contact with the women for the duration of the scene.**

Introducting Libertine

It is with great pleasure that I announce the addition of Libertine to my household.

Libertine is a submissive lady with delicious switch tendencies, making her the ideal household pet.

With fiery red hair and a temper to match, it is no wonder that this girl can venture from Top to bottom, and anywhere in between. With a smile that could melt hearts and sensuous curves, she is the whole dream package.

Corporal punishment, impact play, and humiliation are some of the many disciplines that this girl craves. 
Other items in her menu include medical scenes, body worship, bondage, and more.

Just give her the word, and Libertine will crawl to you with grace — that is, if you permit her the dignity of grace…

Come and see what this girl looks like when she is strapped down, helpless, with that fiery Irish temper burning around her. You will not find greater treasure if you can bend this wild one to your will.

Beware, however… if you cannot handle her, she will most assuredly handle you.