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Seeking a Pro-Dom to fulfill your needs? Look no further.

Welcome to Mistress Katonika’s Universe,
where anything (with her permission, of course) is possible.

Initial Session Policies

Any initial session arrangements established over e-mail, messengers, text,social media, or any other electronic medium require a non-refundable deposit ($50) in advance, which is then applied to the outstanding balance of your session. This applies to all first-time appointments. The outstanding balance is paid at the time and date of the appointment.

Payment can be made by e-transfer only.

For Prospective Clients

Those who wish to have Mistress Katonika size them up as future clients are welcome to make arrangements with her using the information
provided on the Contact page. Included in this is the chance to ask any questions about Mistress’ services, potential interests to explore, and more.

The first 10 minutes are complimentary; a charge of $40 every 20 minutes extends thereafter.

Accepted payment is cash or e-transfer

For a sample of the Mistress’ menu, please click here.

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Booking Your Session

The minimum time I charge for a session is one hour. You may book shorter appointments, but expect to pay the same tribute as you would visiting for the full 60 minutes.

I also provide appointment blocks of 90 minutes, 2 hours, 2.5 hours, and 3 hours. Suggested donations can be found at the bottom of the page.

Sessions are also available exceeding three hours, but must be arranged a minimum of 2-3 days in advance, whereupon a fee will be quoted.

Half of this fee is required as a non-refundable deposit prior to the session, which will then be pro-rated to the outstanding balance of the session.

Should your appointment need to be canceled due to legitimate concerns, a percentage of your deposit will be returned to you if canceled 48 hours in advance.

Looking for more than one?

Should you wish to book a session involving more than one Dominant or a submissive, this is available by request. There is a premium added to the normal session rate for this request. 1-2 weeks’ notice is required to respect and
comply with the second individual’s busy schedule.

Click here for an introduction to Libertine.

Are you a couple in search of the right Mistress?

Couples are welcome to engage in a session with Me. I require a minimum of one week advanced notice, as well as a 50% deposit, received no later than 48 hours prior to the appointment date.

Individuals and couples of all gender-orientations are welcome to Contact Me with any questions.

Suggested Donation Chart

One Hour Standard


90 Minutes Standard


Two Hours Standard


Three Hours Standard


Every time you question yourself and your needs, remember this:

Nothing will fulfill you more than the knowledge that in My world,
you can be your complete Self, free of judgment, hypocrisy,
and fear of ostracism. The exchange of capital for this reality
serves only to confirm the value of this service.