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About this Podcast

The aim of this podcast is to bring to light a number of conversations that need to be had concerning human sexuality. The scope will include academic knowledge, newsreels, personal experience, interviews, and more.

While these recordings are restricted to this website alone, they will eventually be on iTunes. Please stay tuned as the next evolution progresses.

Some of the topics I will cover on a weekly basis will include:

  • The value and importance of consent

  • The privilege of giving and receiving service

  • What to know about attending your first BDSM party

  • The ethics of safety

  • The idea behind consensual non-consent

  • On mentorship

  • The necessity of communication

  • On finding your “community”

  • BDSM terminology 101

  • Thoughts on sex work and human rights

Please see below in order to access the first podcast, where I formally introduce myself and my motivations for starting this podcast. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the various topics presented throughout the course of these recordings.


Podcast 03 – Postponement (for a good reason!!)

The next podcast will be aired on May 26, 2017.