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The Rules

Moving forward, the inferior, male submissive rubberslave is the personal property of the superior, cruel rubber Domina. Merely one of her belongings.

To the cruel, rubber Domina, he is simply “rubberslave”. To the rubberslave, she is simply, “Mistress”.

In the presence of the cruel rubber Domina, the rubberslave is not allowed to speak. 

In the presence of the cruel rubber Domina, the rubberslave is allowed to look only at his beautiful Goddess’ perfect feet — head down.

The cruel rubber Domina may do exactly as she pleases whenever and with whomever she pleases, and without the burden of providing explanation or information for the rubberslave.

The rubberslave is allowed to do absolutely nothing without the permission or direction of the cruel rubber Domina.

The rubberslave must always kneed naked before the cruel rubber Domina, without expectation or entitlement. Exposed, vulnerable, and open to whatever the cruel rubber Domina requires.

The rubberslave must submit himself for regular physical inspection at the hands of the cruel rubber Domina. The rubberslave will suffer the consequences for any infraction or oversight in terms of his overall condition.

The cruel rubber Domina may touch and examine the rubberslave in any way she desires. The rubberslave is never allowed to touch the cruel rubber Domina unless she demands it.

If others are present, the cruel rubber Domina will keep the rubberslave fully hooded, collard, and leashed. Faceless, nameless, and blind for his strict and beautiful Mistress. The rubberslave is hers alone.

The cruel rubber Domina makes all decisions regarding the rubberslaves training. His bondage, his discipline, and his outright humiliation and his servitude…



These are just the “ground rules”. The foundation of a truly elaborate, detailed, and comprehensive protocol devised by the cruel rubber Domina for her personal rubberslave. Very rigid! Very strict!!

The cruel rubber Domina makes absolutely no exceptions and rules over her rubberslave with an oppressive level of control and a very heavy hand!

Above all else, the rubberslave must show the cruel rubber Domina his utmost respect, obedience, and acceptance at all times.


{Have I missed anything, Mistress??}