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I am Her slave

She didn’t tell me where she has gone, or when she will return. 

She doesn’t have to.

I am trained to simply accept her complete control over me. It is carefully pre-meditated and carried out with meticulous attention to every last little detail, yet it is diabolically simple.

She is allowed to do whatever she wants. I. Am. Not.

I must do exactly as I am told. I must do it only when she demands it, and I must perform it up to her satisfaction. No ifs, ands, or buts!

Her control is designed for utter humiliation and maximum oppression, and our roles are very well defined. She is the truly beautiful and incredibly strict Domina. I am her naked male rubber fetish slave in bondage, absolutely submitted to her will, and her will alone.

So when I told her that I had taken the day off work for no particular reason, she became instantly perturbed with me. Her tone was harsh when she deigned to respond to me.

“I’m sorry!” my Mistress growled. “I don’t remember giving you permission to take the day off.”

“Oh! Oh! Oh my god! I am so, so sorry Mistress!” I exclaimed. “I-I-I didn’t realize…”

As I scramble for excuses, she just cuts me off.

“You are NOT allowed to have the day off tomorrow. You will be here, at precisely 10am, ready to work for me. Am I making myself perfectly clear, slave?”

“Oh! Oh! Um, yes Mistress! Thank you Mistress!” I managed to stammer.

“Don’t be late, slave,” she replies coldly, abruptly hanging up on me. I was left in a state of pure embarrassment and shame, followed by an overwhelming sense of apprehension. I will most certainly be punished for this infraction. But how will she punish me? She never tells me anything – it’s like being tightly blindfolded all the time. I never know what to expect!


Anyway, here I am. The clock on the microwave says it is 1:00pm. She has been gone for about two hours already. When I arrived, she immediately stripped me naked and whipped me severely before prepping me for my day of housework. Her instructions were explicit before she left:

“You will clean my house, slave, starting with the bathroom. I want it spotless! when you are done, you will do the dishes and clean the kitchen. And do NOT forget to scrub the floors. You are NOT allowed to take any breaks. You will continue to clean until I return.”

“Oh,” she had continued, “one more thing, slave.” You will be prepared to serve fresh coffee for four Ladies. There are some cookies in the cupboard to accompany the refreshments. Now get to work!”

If only it was that easy. It should be obvious by now that my life as her rubber slave is always going to be a little more difficult than that. For starters, she has me dressed in a pretty black, frilly tutu, and skin tight black and red lated panties. The four-inch, spike-heeled, white strappy sandals are too tight and very uncomfortable, but really lovely. 

The black spandex hood allows me only a darkened, blurry sort of tunnel vision, and the collar around my neck is locked with a small padlock. Only my Domina holds the key.

I am wearing pink, rubber dishwashing gloves, and my wrists are tightly handcuffed in front of me. My ankles are also shackled with a short length of chain between the painfully cinched up steel bracelets. Oh – did I mention that I am also gagged with a thick rubber ball gag?

So, this is my “day off”. Didn’t quite work out as I had planned — fuck me!

I continue to work feverishly. I am terrified that she will find further reason to punish me, as if she needs any reason at all. I have everything prepared and ready for her return. I boil the water regularly because I really don’t want to make her wait for her hot coffee. That would not be good!

Finally, at just before 3:30pm, I hear the commotion downstairs as my perfect Mistress returns with three companions in tow. I jump into action, and get the coffee and cookies on to the dining room table. I then assume the required position, kneeling beside Mistress’ chair with my hands behind my head, my semi-blinded eyes focussed on the floor. They all enter the dining area and take their seats, making cruel comments and teasing me mercilessly. I feel Mistress rest a hand on my head, her voice ringing in my ears like music.

“On your feet, slave! Serve my friends their coffee. When you are done, you may prepare mine.”

I silently endure mocking laughter and more wicked comments as I add cream and sugar to each cup according to their individual desires. Two women and one man, plus my beautiful Mistress. No coffee for me — obviously!

“On your knees!” my Mistress commands. “Hands behind your head, forehead on the floor at my feet. Hurry up!” she says, mockery in her tone. “My coffee is getting cold!”

She reaches down and slips her little leather blindfold into position over my eyes, blinding me completely before resting her exquisite feet on my raw, whip-welted back. The rubbery heels of her luscious little shoes dig in just below my shoulder blades. She grinds down hard until I let out a garbled, rubber ball-gagged groan, laughter this produces is condescending and utterly unsympathetic. I know the rules. I must remain perfectly still and silent while my Mistress entertains her friends and enjoys casual conversation. They all now ignore me as they chat and laugh amongst themselves.

After what I guessed to be about an hour, they all head downstairs to check out the dungeon, but before she joins them, Mistress removes the blindfold and the hood, and puts me to work cleaning up after them. A short time later, I hear her guests leave.

She approaches in near-silence behind me, surprising me once more with a blindfold.

“On your knees,” she murmurs in my ear. “Shoes off!”

I quickly fall to my knees and blindly remove her sneakers fro her, placing them aside after doing my best to kiss them as required. She cracks an evil joke about trying not to drool on them, but the awful rubber ball gag makes it impossible not to do so. Without warning, she removes my gag and immediately forces her long, hard, slippery rubber strap-on cock all the way down my throat until I gag on it and regurgitate it out. I hear Mistress giggle before I feel it shoved it back in, over and over again with minimal opportunity to catch my breath. 

Eventually, she grows tired of this and replaces the rubber gag. Leading me to the stairway, she sits me down on the top step. Mistress then forces me to work my way downstairs, one step at a time on my welted bum.

“Ahh, you poor thing,” Mistress says behind me. “At least you won’t trip in those heels and fall on your pretty little head. Good boy!” Hearing her pleasure is short-lived as she grabs my collar and pulls me in the direction of what I guess to be the dungeon.

“Get in the cage.”

Mistress forces me to back blindly in to the little doggy cage. Before closing and locking the door, she pulls the rubber gag from my mouth, holding it stretched just beyond my lips.

“Tell me, slave,” she croons. “Exactly what are you allowed to do without my permission?” I recognize immediately that this is not a trick question.

“Umm, umm… Absolutely nothing, Mistress?” I croak.

“Mmm… yes! This is correct. Let’s try to remember from now on, hm?” She lets go of the rubber ball and the stretched tie painfully snaps it back into my mouth.

“Mistress has a little surprise for her rubber slave. Wait right here for me, will you?” I hear her cackle. “I need to get ready.”

Her laughter echoes behind her as she leaves me to wonder… What could she possibly be getting up to now??

Awaiting her decision is often daunting and always unpredictable. Only she knows what she will do with me, or when, but I must not drift off into my own little world. I must remain fully alert and attentive, ready to respond to her demands without hesitation. I can only endure my sheer humiliation and heavy bondage. This is the way she likes it, and she will have it no other way. It is all up to her — period!


So, you can call me weird if you must, but I have accepted my kinky nature. I have found no greater thrill than to be thoroughly dominated and humiliated by the beautiful, strict, and truly superior female — all powerful, and in complete control. I mean, what woman wouldn’t like to have her man-slave naked and kneeling before her. Ready and willing to serve her every desire. Fully submitted, holding no expectation, obedient and docile. Would the world not be a better place if the females ruled with absolute autonomy and the men were kept tied up, tightly gagged, blindfolded, and locked in their cages? Just like me!