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{EXCERPT} For Her Pleasure

Part One

This is not your typical relationship. It is something truly different and it is perfect in every way.

In our very real world she is the superior, fully dominant Goddess, and I am the inferior, totally submissive slave. There is really only one rule and that is She makes All the Rules. It is a simple concept implemented with meticulous precision and forethought. It is a systematic program of behavioural training, modification, and outright control. 

After two years, now she is truly inside my head. She dominates my thoughts full-time! Her expectations and requirements are many and enforced with a very strict hand. The ideals of female supremacy and of complete control are the basis of a lifestyle that I now live under her. She will have it no other way and I would not dare to expect anything less. Sometimes I even think that she controls my mind when she wants me, tightly bound by her magical spell and fully submitted to her perfect plan for me. A plan that both rules over my world yet allows me to carry on with my career and family life without interference.

Because for many reasons we cannot see each other very often, I am required to call her once every week or so. I am to touch base and prove to her that I am being a good boy, and that I am working hard for her. It is a constant challenge for me to come up with things to talk about that will interest her. These are not fluffy conversations; there must always be a reason for my calls. She will also call me at random just to check up on me and to ensure that I am in fact behaving myself. I have to say that this always catches me off-guard and causes my heart to race. It can happen at any time during my work day and I must answer the call or return it as soon as possible. If I keep her waiting for too long, she will punish me the next time I visit her. 

I think the most exciting part of my training away from her dungeon is that I must write for her. I am expected to fully explore my inner self, my deviant sexuality, and my fetishes and fantasies using the written word. I am also obliged to push my limits and include all of my deepest fears and phobias. When I visit her I just then kneel down naked while I read aloud to her. 

What. A. Kick!

This particular task accomplishes several things with regard to my training. It gives her true insight into everything I think about. My imagination fully laid open for her on paper. For me it is an intelligent way to express my very kinky sexuality. Above all, though, it keeps me in a frame of mind that she enjoys and desires. Exposed, vulnerable, and without escape.

So this is my beautiful Mistress. Strict, possessive and unpredictable, yet gracious. She allows me to live my life with autonomy while maintaining firm control over any and all aspects of my existence that she sees as necessary. But this is only the beginning. The real fun begins when I come to her dungeon for training sessions…


Part Two

I must arrive punctually. Not more than one minute early, not more than one minute late. 

As I enter, I must keep my head down with eyes on the floor. I am not allowed to look up at her or at anything else unless she demands it. I am not allowed to speak to her undress she desires it, and I must strip totally naked when we enter the dungeon. 

I must fold my clothes neatly and present myself for physical inspection. 

During my training sessions, I am kept either naked or cross-dressed in pretty lingerie and high heels. She has intricately designed all of this for maximum humiliation and emasculation, and I love every minute of it.

My Mistress, the beautiful Domina Katonika, is a very well-equipped Dominatrix and her dungeon is absolutely stuffed with everything a submissive fetishist could imagine… and then some. But I obediently keep my eyes down as required. I love this place! She uses all of her tools and toys with finesse and a high level of expertise. A wide variety of whips, crops, canes, and paddles at her disposal and whim. Serious bondage apparatus and gear made of chain, leather, rubber, and rope. Sexual torture toys by the dozen. She plays with them all for my true enjoyment. {Oops!} I really meant to say agony. Somehow, they end up being the same thing.

Anyway, I guess I can best describe our arrangement by saying that it is a Female dominant, one way polyamorous, BDSM relationship. Quite a mouthful, but there is absolutely no ambiguity here. She is the superior female. She has other clients and slaves as well as many friends within the lifestyle. I simply have her.

On the odd occasion when I am able to attend a group event with her, she keeps me fully hooded at all times. Her nameless, faceless, and dehumanized little boot slave. I must confess that kneeling naked before her and her friends while blindfolded, found, and gagged at the end of her leash is must erotic and exciting as well as challenging for me. I must maintain my unwavering trust in her and truly depends upon her to take care of me in these intense situations. NO one else is allowed to touch me without her permission and I am allowed to speak only with her. I cannot think of a more complete mind fuck!

Yet another important aspect of my training is that she keeps me in a constant state of sexual ecstasy by strictly denies my ultimate gratification or orgasm. This is, however, a very sexual relationship just not in the traditional sense. She uses a variety of rubber dildos and toys to penetrate me both anally and orally. I am a heterosexual male, but I am also very open-minded and of course fully submissive when it comes to her wishes. She respects this and other fears of mine while persistently testing, pushing, and stretching my limits.

Based on her own agenda as well as the knowledge she has gained from me and all of my writing, she plans, manipulates, and executes my training to perfection. She has made my life very simple. Under her fiem and oppressive control I am never more happy then when she is pleased with me. My servitude is my joy, and her pleasure is my reward for good service.

It is all about her now. I must simply obey.

Obviously I am allowed no input into what she may or may not do with me at any given training session and I never know what she might have in store for me. She does indulge my fetishes but only she decides which buttons to push and when. Heavy bondage especially with latex and rubber as well as servitude and worship involving her perfect feet and/or footwear are the things I really look forward to. These are not to be taken for granted, though! I must always be made to suffer for her, and to earn all my privileges.

Finally, I must state that I feel especially lucky to be able to call myself her slave. She truly is the greatest of all. I am sincerely grateful that she spends precious time and energy on my training program, and allows me to share my inner self with her.