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Book Outline

Working Title: To my Strict and Beautiful Goddess: The Love Language of a rubber slave

This non-fiction memoir outlines ten years of growth and development. Beginning from the discovery of his fetishes and desires to the reality of living under his Dominant Leather Queen, this book provides in three sections the growth, development, and blossoming of a slave from his fantastical daydreams to the explorations of his inner psyche as he serves and suffers under his Mistress.

The three major sections of this book are as follows:

  • The Beginning: Fantasies of a submissive male
  • The Discovery: Learning the difference between imagination and reality
  • The Reality: Real-time service, submission, and suffering under the Domina

Every word is as written by the rubber boot slave, tasked over a five-year period during which he submits to his Goddess and Teacher his thoughts, his desires, his fantasies, his evaluations of growth, and his deepest longings for his Domina’s pleasure.

Watch and wait with utter anticipation as a slave’s love language is unveiled for the world to see.