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The Educator

Take a peek inside the Domina’s mind…

Domina Katonika’s primary passion is to educate people on numerous aspects of human sexuality. For her, sexuality is primarily mental, and thus, the psychology of sexuality, what drives humans in their yearnings and desires, is a huge fascination for her. 

The Academic

As a Woman with a devout passion in human sexuality, she has dedicated herself to working towards her dream – to become a sexologist and sexual therapist. Domina Katonika is currently devoting her time to pursuing a doctoral degree at UBC. Her application to UBC will be submitted by the end of 2017, with a start date to begin in Fall 2018 should she be accepted.

As an academic, she has numerous research interests, but what she wants to pursue is research in sex work — an area that is largely lacking in the academic community. Her goal is to redraw the lines between sex work and human trafficking, and to advocate for human rights for sex workers that are, at best, marginalized if not outright excluded in society.

The Writer

Domina Katonika is currently in the process of putting together a memoir based on the point of view of a submissive bound to his Goddess. The memoir includes fantasies, reflections, journal entries, and even poetry, as the slave uncovers who he is, who he was, and who he wants to be.

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The Lifestyle Dominatrix

I will take what I want

Mistress Katonika is a lifestyle Dominatrix located primarily in southern Vancouver Island, providing professional  Domination, Disciplinarian, Training, and Education services. Services are available locally, within Canada, and internationally.

“I am an uncompromisingly assertive FemDom who has been actively involved in the kink community for the last decade. Sadistic by nature yet sensual by design, I exact my darkest and seemingly impossible desires from your body, mind, and spirit. Make no mistake: I will take what I want from you, and whether or not you realize it, you will want me to.”

mistress-profile-smIRON BITCH

I am a firm believer in female domination and worship

My passion lies in training submissives and slaves to be all that they can possibly be under My guidance, discipline, and encouragement. Serving Me is no easy feat; I
 expect nothing short of exceptional effort, up to and including attitude, willingness, desire, and obedience in all things. Only those who serve with a heart and mind of integrity and authenticity will find the sensual Woman behind the Beast on the hunt. Only those who persist and persevere despite extraordinary challenges will reap the rich rewards they desperately yearn for.

This sadistic Woman knows exactly what you are signing yourself up for
when you decide to explore your innermost desires.

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Tell Me what you want…

I am more than I appear. Asking the questions will give you the answers you seek. 

Be aware…

I only pay attention to and respond to serious inquiries. If you want My attention, be mindful, or you may not get the result you desire.